The new Formula E e-scooter replaces the speed of a racing car with comfort and stability

Motorsports organization Formula E has launched a new partnership with Zinc Sports with the launch of the first of several upcoming products: Zinc Formula E GZ1 eelectric scooter.

Formula E is best known for promoting electric vehicles in its racing series; however, the organization decided to go in more modest route with GZ1 (opens in a new tab). For £400 (nearly $500) you get a light city cruiser that has a battery range of 13 miles (20 km) and a top speed of 15.5 mph, powered by a 250 watt motor. It’s certainly not lightning fast, but at least you’ll be could get from point A to point B in relative comfort. Zinc Sports goes on to say that the GZ1 has “a built-in gyro system that regulates speed, absorbs shock and provides stability for a comfortable ride.” Moreover, the scooter stands on nine-inch puncture-proof tires to overcome bumps.

Other features

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